JAS Corporation


When your operation needs external support to meet current and future needs, JAS Corporation can help you gain and sustain a competitive edge through expert management of your business and technical applications portfolio. Why hire full time employees for short-term assignments? JAS Corporation offers staffing solutions for all of your employee needs. Our employee staffing program provides staff to work on your projects, with all administrative functions provided by JAS Corporation. When your staffing needs diminish, we simply reassign our employees.

Our Outsourcing Division provides experienced resources covering multiple fields such as:


  • RF/Microwave Engineers
  • Project Managers/Engineer
  • Power Engineers
  • Network Operations
  • Voice & Data Systems Installations and Maintenance
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Call Centers/Help Desks
  • Consulting
  • IT
  • Voice & Data Techs
JAS Corporation can help you fill gaps in your current operation or supply all the personnel you need to manage your system, audit your expenses and recommend changes tailored to your budget and needs. By relying on JAS Corporation core competencies, clients can concentrate on running their own business.