JAS Corporation

Engineering & Compliance Consulting

With JAS Corporation you can be confident you won't have to incur in unnecessary expenses, because we are not in the business of pushing specific lines of products. For business and industries, we provide compliance and systems design and implementation, and recommend the latest technology available in the market to meet present and future needs. We also implement billing audits and cost-saving analysis to help you understand the impact of operational recurrent expenses on your business and maintain the lowest possible costs. For telecommunications carriers and pharmaceutical/biotech industries, JAS Corporation offers the support required for start-up operations project management, including regulatory/permitting analysis, and systems/project implementation and deployment. Strategic Planning
  • Access and Transport Networks Design
  • Documentation
  • Growth projections
  • Equipment evaluation and selection
  • Rollout programs
  • Deployment
Bidding/RFP Management and Analysis
  • RFP/Bid Preparation
  • Pre-Bid Meetings
  • Contractor selection and qualification
  • Proposals evaluation